He was lost, and is found.

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Music of Our Heart

Christmas is a special time  when we receive blessings from the angels that are all around us. A beautiful reunion story of brotherhood, compassion and support comes to us from Oakland, California.


Thanks to the efforts of San Francisco news reporter Stanley Roberts, who came across Marcus Malone earlier this month while reporting on illegal dumpsites for his segment ‘People Behaving Badly’ for the station KRON4.

Marcus Malone, original conguero of The Santana Blues Band from 1967 to 1969 has been living in desolation in Oakland. He has been making do with a parked trailer and harvesting the streets. The vagrant revealed to Stanley Roberts that he was a composer and part-time landscaper who used to play with Carlos Santana’s original band.

Stanley Roberts investigated what he was told and he learned Marcus Malone was indeed telling the truth. He got in touch with Santana Management and arranged for a…

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ONLY ONE ARREST IN DOJ RAIDS http://cannabisnowmagazine.com/current-events/single-arrest-made-in-denver-dispensary-raids

Miss Coco Peru Prevents Priest from Presentation to High Schoolers

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Miss Coco Peru Prevents Priest from Presentation to High Schoolers

After outrage by lesbian and gay alumni, and some staffers, school President Trevor Nicholls scrubbed the event…

Miss Coco Peru

American Anarchist

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“The main currents of anarchist thought were derived from classical liberal ideas that emerged in the Enlightenment and the Romantic era. The central idea, Chomsky said, was that “institutions that constrain human development are illegitimate unless they can justify themselves.” Anarchists seek to challenge those institutions and dismantle the ones that cannot be justified, while creating new institutions from the ground up based on 

cooperation and benefits for the community. This tradition of libertarian socialism or anarcho-syndicalism was still alive, Chomsky claimed, despite challenges and suppression.

Paraphrasing the German-American anarchist Rudolf Rocker, Chomsky said that anarchism seeks to free labor from economic exploitation and society from ecclesiastical guardianship. This meant that workers struggle for their well-being and dignity—“for bread and roses,” as he put it—while rejecting the convention of working for others in exchange for money, which he described as a kind of slavery. The other opposition, to ecclesiastical guardianship, he explained as not necessarily an opposition to organized religion—he praised Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker movement and the Christian anarchism of the Basque Country. Rather, Chomsky articulated an opposition to the idea that society should be regulated by an elite group, whether they are liberal technocrats, religious clerics, or corporate executives.”

Fuck Authority

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Fuck Authority is man’s natural state of mind before society. The “state” also reflect man’s natural state of mind. They compete for primacy via diplomacy or warfare. If we can tame a person, can we tame a people? If we can take persons, we have just accomplished tamed a nation. If we tame nations, the possibility for world peace is 100%.







New Year’s Resolution 2014

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Move to another state.
Stay sober.
Stop saying “fuck you” so much.
Try to stay alive and not hurt myself .
Teach my dog a new trick.
Reconcile with the Catholic Church.
Find a job.
Find a home.
Find a girl who loves me.
Find my purpose.
Find a smile.
Publish my book.